Job Management
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Accelerate & Simplify Your Invoicing

Take control of your invoicing by going paperless with SmartJobs. Log time and materials on the job, then watch SmartJobs generate a professional looking invoice using your company logo. It’s up to you whether you email the invoice to the customer on the spot or from the office. Either way SmartJobs will save time and invoice faster than your current system.

Going Paperless

Tired of wading through countless pieces of paper when trying to get your monthly invoicing done? With SmartJobs this will be a thing of the past.

  • Log time and materials against the job using SmartJobs on your iPad or iPhone
  • Use SmartJobs to create an invoice for the job based on the time and materials logged
  • Use SmartJobs to email the invoice to your customer or simply print it out

Price Books

SmartJobs price books importing gives you instant access to supplier price lists. This means your material costs are kept accurate when preparing invoices and quotes.

It’s also super easy to find the materials you’re looking for with our auto-complete predictive search technology. Just like when you’re searching for something using Google, SmartJobs will begin finding the price list item as you type.

Mobile Invoicing

SmartJobs for iPad and iPhone offers mobile invoicing enabling you to create invoices on-site. With instant access to your supplier price books, you’ll be able to prepare accurate, professional looking invoices on the spot and email these to your customer instantly from your iPad or iPhone.

Mobilize Your Workforce & Increase Productivity

SmartJobs works where you work. Whether you’re working in the office, on the job, on the road or at home, SmartJobs has got it covered. Get on top of your job scheduling and clearly see what’s on today with SmartJobs drag and drop scheduling. Dispatch jobs to the right people by knowing where your workers are using SmartJobs GPS Tracking. Keep your workers notified about job changes with SmartJobs job notifications.


With SmartJobs drag and drop scheduling, it couldn’t be easier to schedule in your jobs. Whether you’re in the office or on the job the SmartJobs scheduler makes it easy to view and update the appointments that have been booked for each staff member on any given day.


SmartJobs takes job dispatch to the next level with real time mapping and GPS tracking. If you need to get someone to a job in a hurry you can use the SmartJobs map to find the closest worker to the job. You can even click on the worker to see what jobs the worker has scheduled today to help you decide the best worker for the job.

Job Notifications

Just like a text message, mobile notifications are a powerful way of getting messages out to your staff when they’re on the move. When you assign a job, or schedule an appointment for a staff member a notification is sent to their iPad or iPhone. The job will appear in their “New” jobs list so that it’s easy for them to see jobs that have been assigned to them recently.

All the Features You Need in one App

SmartJobs has all the features you want in one place. Designed for mobile service business SmartJobs starts working from the time you log the job through to invoicing. It doesn’t stop there because SmartJobs connects to popular accounting systems to keep you and your accountant happy. SmartJobs has it covered from end to end.